Patchnotes - Rise of Gor

Yama Notları 09/29/11

/General Changes

·         All brand new soundtrack (all music files were exchanged)!

·         The crystals of for the “Rock-Paper-Scissors” will now be dropped by monsters

o   Level 1-10 monsters: small crystal

o   Level 11-30 monsters: normal crystal

o   Level 31-90 monsters: big crystal

·         The amount of monsters in the first valorian dungeon has been slightly reduced

·         [Well Water] will not drop anymore

·         Therefore you will now need [Coin of Endendros] to craft PvP-items (instead of [Well Water]

·         Players can now donate merit points to their guild. (This is possible through the guild interface)

·         The NPCs in “Lonbaleys Training Camp” and “Kuznez Advance Base” have had their functions reduced. (Fewer items to sell, less functionality)

·         The crafting NPCs have been completely removed from “Lonbaleys Training Camp” and “Kuznez Advance Base”

·         Level-Up rewards have been changed

o   You will get a “+6” armor when reaching level 9 (before: level 10)

o   You will get a secret document when reaching level 15v (before: level 10)

·         The number of monsters in the mission map for level 40-50 was increased by approximately 20%

·         The NPC that sells the [Secret Documents] will now also sell [Invitation to the second battle] , [Arahur Rampart War Declaration (strong)], [Arahur Rampart War Declaration (weak)], [Narwashi-Battle (strong) war declaration] and [Narwashi-Battle (weak) war declaration]

·         A resurrection NPC was added to the instance “Old Hod”

·         The dungeon “Kings grave” is redone

o   The instance now consists of only one floor (before: two floors)

o   There are now two types of scorpions

o   The final boss is now a lich (before: knight)

·         The portal for the second level 79 Highlands instance was moved.

·         The damage of monsters in the mission maps for level 70-80 and evel 80-90 was slightly reduced.

·         Some quests were changed

o   Examples

§  Changes in a quest and some monsters in the first derion instance

§  Changes in the level 19 instance in Derion

§  Some quests in Gebra, Bina and other territories were slighty changed

/Optical changes

·         The login screen is changed

·         The character creation screen is changed

·         The design of [Holy Knight’s Cloak] and [Warlord's Cloak] was changed.

·         Icons of different cash-shop and consumable items have been changed

o   Examples

§  First Class Healing Potion

§  Speed Potion

§  Invisibility Potion

§  Formula of the Void

§  Formula of the Master

·         The fight and death animations of certain monsters was changed.

·         The waters wave animation was changed

·         The size of some monsters in the Mirhur Missionmap was changed

·         When entering a missionmap you will now see a warning screen that you will enter a PvP area.

·         Enhancement of the guild interface

o   More information (ranking)

o   Last login of guild members is now shown if a player is not online

o   A button to donate Merit Points to the guild was added

o   You can see which kingdom is supported by guild members (only for Gor guilds)

·         The visibility of “?” and “!” on the map was enhanced.

·         Enhancement of the quest log

o   The elements of the quest log were redesigned

o   You can see a map with your current quest objective if you click on a quest.

/Class changes

·         All quests for the secondary weapon and armor skills have been removed.

·         The secondary weapon and armor skills are now instantly available after character creation.

·         Animations of the following skills have been changed

o   Warrior: Anaesthesia

o   Nightwalker: Poison aura, Poison, Sand throw, Adrenaline Kick, Suck blood, Gruesome blade, Shadow Leap

o   Archer: Rain of arrows, Mana Arrows, Sniper

o   Mage: Flame Missiles, Mana protective barrier, Focus, Concentration, Lightning Calculation, Life Transformation, Lightning Magic, Power of Pauldron, Inner Calm, Mana enhancement, Teleportation

o   Priest: Cure

o   Summoner: Evocate monsters, Guard Eye, Dark Ritual, Holy Ritual, Protection Crystal, Chaos Eye

·         Warriors normal attack was changed into an AOE skill

·         Warriors normal attack now hits all enemies in a 180 degree circle in front of the warrior with a distance of 3 meters

·         The damage of the attack was reduced to 75%

·         The enemy that is currently targeted will receive 25% more damage

·         The basic damage of Nightwalkers poison aura ability was increased from 20% to 25%

·         The basic damage of Nightwalkers envenom ability was increased om 20% to 25%

//New features


Twitter has been added to the game. To activate it you have to click on the Twitter logo at the bottom right. At first use you have to allow 4Story to use your Twitter account. Therefore you have to enter a PIN code that will be shown on the Twitter website.

After you successfully added your Twitter Account you can send tweets from 4Story to all your followers. It is even possible to include screenshots that you have taken with the “print”-key on your keyboard.

/Rental Items

In all main cities you can find a NPC that has items for rent. The NPCs have a selection of items for all classes with an upgrade level between +12 and +15. These items only have a limited duration.

/New Mount System

Every new character will have a permanent 140% mount.

With saddles (premium items) it is possible to increase the speed and change the look of the mounts. Saddles can be equipped in the pet interface (“p”).

Additionally there are special mounts for sale at certain NPCs.

Whips can be used to increase the speed of mounts for a short period of time. These whips can be looted from monsters and there will be a special whip available at the cash-shop.

Saddles for 175% and special looking mounts will still be sold in the cash-shop.

All current mounts will be migrated into the new system. There will be no changes for current users! Only that their 175% perm mount will now be a mount + saddle.

/Automatic Quest Help

When accepting a quest you can see two buttons next to the “Quest-Ticker” on the right side of the screen.

The first button will switch on/off the destination arrows that are in front of your character. The second button will toggle auto run.

Once pressed the character will automatically move towards the next quest goal:

·         If it is a monster the character will automatically start to attack the monster with the default skill.

·         If the destination is reachable through a teleporter the character will walk to the teleporter and ask if you really want to teleport.

Another function is auto run if you click on a location on the mini map or the normal map.


/Mentor System

We added a mentor system. This will support low level palyers in their struggle to get to higher levels. Level 90 players are able to become a mentor for low level players.

·         Every player with level 90 can become a mentor.

·         Every player below level 50 can become a mentee.

·         Every mentor can have up to 30 mentees.

·         Every mentee can have a maximum of one mentor.

·         If all requirements are met, the mentor/mentee relationship can be established by a right click on the other characters portrait.

o   Both players have to be grouped.

o   Mentor system can be activated and deactivated by right clicking the other players portrait.

·         When the mentor system is active the attackpower and hitpoints of the mentor will be reduced to the level of the mentee

·         When the mentor system is active the experience that the mentor would gather is automatically transferred to the mentee.

·         Once the mentee reaches level 90 the mentor will get a reward (Currently: Mystery box with either a 300% serendipity potion or the Formula of Transformation)

o   The mentor will only receive the reward if he contributed to the mentees experience by at least 1% (39232 XP)

/Aide System

The aide system allows a level 80 player to name another low level player as sidekick. Level 90 players are even allowed to have 2 sidekicks.

Sidekicks are able to support high level players in the daily area conquests.

To activate/deactivate the sidekick system players have to click on the character portrait and select the appropriate option.

·         During the area conquest the sidekicks will receive a bonus on physical and magical defense stats as well on hitpoints and hitpoint regeneration. It will then be on the same level as normal level 80 characters.

/3vs3 and 7vs7 Arena

Fight in the new 3vs3 and 7vs7 arenas in Tebekut and get the rewards.

The players of all kingdoms can group up and participate in the 3vs3 and 7vs7 battles.

·         The fee for 3vs3 is 50 silver

·         The fee for 7vs7 is 100 silver

·         To participate in the arenas the group leader has to talk to the Arena-Manager.

·         All players should stand next to each other so that they will be teleported into the area without problems.

·         Should a fight end in a draw there will be a rematch. Should this rematch end in a draw too, the group that was in the arena first will win.

·         No cash-shop items or other regenerating potions can be used in the arenas.

·         Soulmate effect will only work if both soulmates are in the arena and in the same group.

·         The ability “Pendatron's Coat” cannot be used in the arena

/Conference Hall and Rooms

Players that are in the big conference hall (location: Tebekut) can, regardless of the kingdom, talk to each other via the “Normal-Chat”.

Additionally there are 5 smaller conference rooms. To use these players have to buy an entrance ticket first. Once inside a conference room you can summon other players by talking to the NPC inside. While players are inside a conference room no other players can enter it. One session in a conference room has a maximum time of two hours.

Attention: Only Gor players can buy the entrance tickets for the coinference rooms, but they can be traded to other players.

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